What is Chiropractic?

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At our clinic we evaluate the entire physical structure of each new patient, since injury, despite the cause, can result in negative compensations involving many related regions of the body.

These compensations often result in undesirable dysfunctional joints that alter the biomechanics of your movement and can, in many cases, ultimately lead to pain and/or other negative symptoms.

Our experience has identified that, if a condition has been long established, then the body will often utilize a number of compensatory mechanisms in order to cope with the situation.

For example, a mild ankle sprain can often lead to dysfunctional joints in the foot. Once the natural shock absorption of the foot is altered in this way, the body may attempt to compensate by involving the knee, the hip, the pelvis and eventually the low back etc. Sometimes, only then does the pain become apparent and appear to “come out of nowhere” weeks or months later.

Especially in cases of long-existing, chronic problems, you can receive treatment again and again for your low back pain without lasting results; if the original problem – the immobile foot – has not been addressed as well.

This basic biomechanical principle underpins our holistic approach to the ‘Total Body’. Whatever and wherever your problem is, we perform a complete evaluation of the neuromusculoskeletal system, to discover all the factors involved with each problem. Then, using various chiropractic manipulation and soft tissue techniques we restore motion and function to those joints.

As part of the recovery process, exercises and/or specific stretches will be prescribed to address areas of imbalance thus helping to stabilize the injured area and prevent reoccurrence.

Often soft tissue imbalances, a poor diet and/or other health related issues can act as complicating factors to a more complete recovery. In these cases a referral will be made to a recommended professional to assist in the healing process.

Whether your condition is old, or new, whether it is the result of elite athletics, work-related injury, poor posture, trauma or otherwise, we apply the same principle: treat the ‘Total Body’ to optimize and restore normal function.

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